To attract high paying clients,  you must first understand  the luxury customer. 

The luxury customer  is a fickle person.


She wants what she wants and she will always find the money to pay for it. Her fickleness, however, is a consequence of her multiple personalities.

The customer who consumes luxury


Has four different personas, each requiring a different strategy to gain her attention.

To build a luxury brand that draws the patronage of  high end consumers


You’ll need to understand all four faces and design your strategy to address the needs of each face.

These four personalities are not women by accident. 


Four out of every five luxury purchases are either made by women or controlled by women.

While men certainly enjoy luxury purchases of their own 


Women shop more frequently and spend more than men.

Knowing these four personalities of the luxury customer 


Is essential in developing a luxury brand, as selling to each one requires a different strategy.

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