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Welcome to the world of The PR Advisor, where everything on this site is designed for you to achieve the Midas Touch for your business without a golden price tag.  Combining over two decades of luxury marketing expertise with accessible, tailored courses and consulting, The PR Advisor offers a personalized approach, unmatched insights and strategies specifically designed for emerging luxury brands to attract new customers. 

We empower emerging to midsize businesses with the tools and strategies needed to navigate the complexities of PR and marketing, making top-tier expertise attainable for every ambitious brand. 

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Your Journey. Our GPS.

The PR Advisor initially began as a regular column for National Jeweler Magazine called “The PR Advisor: Dear Lilian.”  The column allowed luxury communications expert and president of The Lilian Raji Agency, Lilian Raji, to answer strategic marketing and public relations questions for small luxury brands who couldn’t afford to retain an effective PR agency.  

The PR Advisor has now evolved into this platform – where Lilian’s passion for being of service can reach more entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to learn the secrets to capturing the hearts and minds of customers who don’t mind spending more to own items that bring them incredible joy.

This site — with our courses, books, templates, articles and invaluable newsletter – is a distillation of our 20+ years of showing luxury brands how to get more customers.  

If this is your goal, then welcome.  We’re here to help you achieve it.  The PR Advisor is here to guide you forward, every step of the way.

Interested on having Lilian be a guest on your show? Download her one-sheet.

WE WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO Boost Sales with Strategy Maximize Your Budget Connect Effectively with Customers Enhance Brand Visibility Unleash Influencer Marketing Power Craft Your Winning Strategy Stand Out from Competitors Stay Ahead and Informed ALL ON YOUR OWN TERMS


Discover the intricate profiles of luxury consumers through “The 4 Faces of The Luxury Consumer,” a compelling guide designed to unveil the motivations and desires behind each distinct persona, providing invaluable insights for brands looking to connect deeply and authentically with their elite audience.

faces of luxury

The Latest from The Advisory Salon


We’ve developed three different self-guided video courses on topics that have significantly impacted The Lilian Raji Agency clients’ business. Invest in these courses to learn new strategies for drawing more customers to your business.

The Customer Journey

Learn the first steps for creating an effective communications strategy with “The Customer Journey: Using Public Relations to Help Customers Find You.”

product placement

In “Are You Ready for Your Close Up? Getting Your Brand Into the Public Eye,”  you’ll learn the exact steps we’ve taken to secure our clients’ products in blockbuster movies and television shows — all without paying a dime. 

influencer marketing

Interested in getting into Influencer Marketing but don’t know how to start? Well, start here with our Influencer Marketing course, “Harnessing the Power of Social Media Influencers.” 

Influencer Marketing Fraud

Influencer Marketing Fraud:
Weeding Out the Fakers, Liars, and the Delusional

We’ve also written the definitive e-book to Influencer Fraud, a nasty black mark on the Influencer Marketing world that is costing millions to unsuspecting companies that don’t understand the world of “fauxfluencers.” This book reveals all of their methods to steal your marketing dollars.

Understanding the customer journey

The Customer Journey Templates

Unlock the full potential of your brand’s customer journey with our comprehensive templates. Learn how to streamline customer experiences, gain deep insights into your audience, craft compelling origin stories, and master effective media relations. 

How to do influencer marketing

The Influencer Marketing Toolkit

Discover the ultimate Influencer Marketing Toolkit – your all-in-one solution for implementing successful influencer campaigns, complete with templates for creative briefs, influencer profiles, sample contracts and more. Everything you need to create documents for a succesful influencer marketing campaign.  


If you’re ready to do the work yourself or have your team do it, and you just need someone to help develop your strategy while being by your side as you execute, we’re always ready to be of service.  We offer consulting services both hourly and by package.


If a $10,000+ per month retainer  is within your budget for our agency to do all the work for you while you focus elsewhere, visit The Lilian Raji Agency website to learn more about what we can do for you or go here to get on on our  calendar.

Brand Strategy & Storytelling

We help you dig deep into your company history and current activities to find those compelling stories that inspire customers to invest in your products.

Media Relations

Just as journalists have spent years cultivating trusted relationships with their audience, we’ve spent years creating personal relationships with those same journalists. We tap these relationships when you have a story to tell.

Social Media Marketing

We listen, we monitor, and we pay close attention to what is being said about you in the wild world of social media. We then identify the people who are listened to more closely than others and find ways to make them your ally. some description content for title 3 here

Content Strategy

We create emotion-evoking, shareable content for you across the major social media platforms, integrating the stories we develop through our Brand Strategy and Storytelling process.

Event Marketing

We can work from beginning to end – identifying and securing location sites and identifying contractors and vendors to aid with production. We’ll also create and manage the guest lists, design a unique publicity campaign to support promotions of the event, and identify sponsors to help offset expenses.

Influencer Marketing

We maintain a constantly evolving awareness of the most important influencers of the moment, paying close attention to who they are as a person, verifying the extraordinary power of their reach, and determining how they can become advocates for you.

Product Placement

We’re skilled at finding those rare opportunities where a product’s usefulness to a movie or television show is its only price of admission. When this is appropriate for you, we find the right opportunities and introduce your company to those with the power to say yes.

Strategic Partnerships

We help you find non-competing, parallel companies that share your values, marketing goals and objectives. We then research ways where the two of you working together will earn both of you more money and more market share.


Happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.  And don’t worry — the form comes directly to our email. 

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