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National Jeweler | Dear Lilian: The PR Advisor

selling fine jewelry

The Fine Art of Selling Fine Jewelry

Struggling with clients who fail to follow through on their commitments? Discover expert tactics for selling fine jewelry, closing jewelry deals and turning interest into sales in our latest guide. Learn how to engage clients, evoke their desires, and ensure they value your time, all while mastering the art of selling without the stress.

Company Profiles

Hermès Sylvania

Green Glamour: Hermès’ Sylvania and the Rise of Mushroom Leather Luxury

: Hermès Sylvania, a sustainable mushroom leather developed in partnership with MycoWorks. Explore the eco-friendly luxury of Hermès’s newest collection, where timeless craftsmanship meets environmental consciousness. Learn how this groundbreaking material is setting new standards in the luxury fashion industry, offering durability, customization, and a commitment to sustainability.

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    The Customer Journey: Using Public Relations to Help Customers Find You

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