No Ordinary Strategy Mentorship

Lilian Raji, The PR Advisor and President of The Lilian Raji Agency, has spent her entire extensive career helping business owners like you solve their biggest marketing problems to grow their customer base. Her unique approach to business strategy consulting has boosted the bottom line for some of the world’s leading luxury brands, helping her clients get their stories told in  The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CNBC, Reuters and more. When you enroll in her Strategy Mentorship Program, you’ll receive the same diligence from which Lilian has built her storied career. 

Lilian M Raji

No one ever really knows what they’ve committed to once they decide to follow their passion into business ownership. In my two decades working with start-ups to global companies and getting a front row seat into what goes on behind the scenes, I’m often amazed at how just a few tweaks into the business operations can turn a mediocre company into an exceptional one.

My One-on-One Strategy Mentorship is about recalibration, helping you reach the dreams you had when you started your business.  I will help you modernize your original vision to meet today’s demands while giving you step-by-step instructions on how to use PR, social media and other marketing strategy without breaking your budget.

As we work together, I will make you accountable to following through on the things you tell me you want, guide you through any roadblocks and obstacles, point you in the right direction to find cost effective resources and ensure you are taking all necessary actions for your company to reach its highest potential.

Our work together will neither be  easy, nor a quick fix. It requires commitment from you and a willingness to be fully exposed to an intensive deep dive into your business methods, your own psychology, fears, and limitations. This is where the recalibration begins.

At the end of our time together, you will experience a transformational change that gives you confidence to consistently make the right decisions for the growth and expansion of your company.

Over the course of our Strategy Mentorship sessions, we will address these questions and more:

  • What are the most effective marketing channels to reach my target audience?
  • How can I create a strong and memorable brand identity?
  • What strategies can I use to differentiate my products from competitors in the market?
  • How do I determine the right pricing strategy?
  • What are the best ways to collaborate with retailers to expand distribution?
  • What marketing tactics generate buzz and excitement around aproduct launch?
  • How can I leverage social media for my company?
  • What public relations activities should I focus on?
  • How do I handle negative reviews or customer feedback?
  • How can I build trust and credibility for my company?
  • What are the best practices for creating great marketing copy?
  • How do I track and measure the effectiveness of my marketing campaigns?
  • Is influencer marketing right for my company?
  • How can I  better use email marketing to drive sales?
  • How can I get customers to help promote my brand?
  • What is a content marketing strategy and why do I need it?
  • How do I create a customer loyalty program?
  • How can I make my brand stand out?
  • What SEO tricks can improve my website and online store?
  • How can I investigate international markets to grow my business?

These questions are just the tip of the iceberg of what we’ll cover throughout our work together. 

I had a session with Lilian and that one session delivered more than my last 6 months of researching marketing strategy for my luxury brand. She has a skill of listening and understanding who you are and where you want to go! The most amazing thing was she shows you what you already know but didn’t realise you did while also disavowing you of any misconceptions you may have. This woman is pure magic!

Her greatest strengths are hands-on experience, insight, appreciation of human nature and clarity of delivery – she holds your hand and opens your eyes at the same time. For me it was a very fulfilling session – she has a third eye – she can see what others miss. Thank you Lilian – your recommended changes to the Frique London website would be made immediately.




Full Speed Ahead

  • $5,000 one-time fee
  • 3-month program
  • Weekly 90-minute calls to focus on your business, 6 hours per month
  • Unlimited email communication
  • Complimentary access to both The PR Advisor’s Product Placement and Influencer Marketing courses (a $1,000 value)
  • Complimentary copy of our book on Influencer Fraud (a $49 value)

Payment arrangements available

Slow and Easy

  • $3,500 one time fee
  • 4-month program
  • Twice monthly 90-minute calls, 3 hours per month
  • Unlimited email communication 
  • Complimentary access to your choice of The PR Advisor’s Product Placement or the Influencer Marketing courses (a $500 value)
  • Complimentary copy of our book on Influencer Fraud (a $49 value)

Payment arrangements available


$300 per 60-minute call
Scheduled call as needed
Can be purchased in packages of 5, 10, 15, or 20 calls with price concessions as follows:

  • 5 calls = $1,350
  • 10 calls = $2,500
  • 15 calls = $3,750
  • 20 calls = $5,000 

Complimentary copy of our book on Influencer Fraud (a $49 value)

All speeds, including on-call, provide access to our contacts, resources and databases to aid in the successful completion of the work. This includes access to subscription services we have. We will provide:

A comprehensive website and social media audit with recommendations on how to improve
An ecommerce strategy to generate more sales through your website
A comprehensive strategic marketing campaign to support your long term objectives
Access to writers to help with launching a content marketing strategy (cost of writer services separate)
Aid in developing an editorial calendar to govern your content strategy

A customized database of journalists, including profiles on how to contact each journalist
Assistance in developing pitch angles to secure your press coverage
Editorial calendar research to know when a journalist is looking to speak to someone like you
Introductions to people within our network to help advance your goals
Media coaching and training to have productive conversations with journalists

Interested in learning more? Let’s talk.

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