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What is the Customer Journey?

How does a customer first learn about you? How does she feel upon this discovery? What entices her to want to learn more? Where does she go for this information? Your website? Your store? Social media? What does she do when she gets there? What do you want her to do when she gets there? These are some of the question that, answered correctly, help create trust between customers and your brand.

Trust is the only thing required to get a customer to spend $40,000 online without thinking twice.

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Getting Back Up After You Fall

You’re only as big as your imagination allows. You’re not Tiffany’s today, but if you would one day like to be, then continue following this column. Because this is the reincarnation and evolution I will be leading you towards.

Even if you don’t aspire to be Tiffany’s, only want to build a decent business doing what you love, stick around, too. You can get off the ride when we start discussing how to get Beyonce and Jay-Z to be your spokespeople!