the jewelry designer's journey

HALSTEAD: The Jewelry Designer’s Journey ~ On Finding Inspiration

Dive into the art of becoming a jewelry designer, exploring how passion, creativity, and strategic public relations converge to create successful jewelry brands. Learn the importance of unique storytelling in captivating potential customers.
hiring a pr agency effectively

HALSTEAD: Are You Sure You’re Ready For Your Close-Up? 4 Lessons For Hiring A PR Agency

There are 4 main things you need to consider when you're a hiring a PR agency. This article gives you the cold hard truth so you can choose your agency correctly.
Alexis Bittar

NATIONAL JEWELER: Profiling Alexis Bittar ~ Street Merchant Turned Global Giant

Explore Alexis Bittar's journey from a SoHo street vendor to a renowned global jewelry designer, and how he revolutionized fashion with his unique approach and legacy.
hermes luxury brand

FORBES: The Heart of Hermès Craftsmanship: Culture, Employee Passion and Independence

Explore why Hermès remains an independent and valuable brand, rooted in Hermès craftsmanship focus and culture, despite takeover attempts by Bernard Arnault. Discover how employee passion contributes to Hermès' enduring success.
luxury brand loyalty to show when luxury is worth it

LUXURY SOCIETY: Luxury Brand Loyalty and The Customer

Explore the importance of customer experience in the luxury industry and how exceptional service can drive luxury brand loyalty. Learn from real-world examples and discover why creating memorable buying experiences is crucial for luxury brands. Find out how seducing luxury buyers can lead to brand preference and long-term customer loyalty.
A captivating online story presented by a luxury brand, designed to engage and enchant high net worth customers through digital storytelling.

GLOSSY: Luxury Brands E-Commerce Strategies

Explore how luxury brands like Cartier and Louis Vuitton are revolutionizing the online shopping experience by infusing emotion and exclusivity into e-commerce.