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In the world of fashion, where imagination knows no bounds, generative AI is the next chapter in a story of boundless creativity. I enjoyed learning more about the future of Gen AI as I continued my deep dive into McKinsey’s State of Fashion 2024 report. The images accompanying these articles have been created using AI, saving me countless hours of searching through stock photos. All I do now is share my finished article with the AI program and ask it to come up with the best illustration possible. 


Gen AI’s Creative Crossroad: Revolutionizing Fashion in 2024

The relentless pursuit of creativity is the only constant in the fashion industry. In 2024, fashion stands at the crossroads of a creative revolution, driven by the most remarkable technological advancements of 2023 — generative artificial intelligence, or Gen AI.

That 73 percent of fashion executives consider Gen AI a priority, yet only 28 percent have actively integrated it into their creative processes, highlights a burgeoning space ripe for exploration and innovation. As the fashion world grapples with evolving consumer demands and market dynamics, these investments represent a strategic endeavor to harness technology for creative augmentation, ensuring that the industry remains at the forefront of innovation and adaptability.


Funding and Growth: A Remarkable Surge

The fashion industry’s investment in Gen AI is notably substantial, as evidenced by the staggering $14.1 billion funneled into Gen AI-focused startups in just the first half of 2023. Compared to $3.5 billion in 2021 and $2.5 billion in 2022, this meteoric rise signals a pronounced shift from traditional design paradigms to a more technologically augmented creative process. Notably, Microsoft’s significant $10 billion multiyear investment in OpenAI, the entity behind ChatGPT, underscores the industry’s commitment to exploring the capabilities of this new technology.

Amazon’s $4 billion investment in AI startup Anthropic propels this trend, indicating a broader industry recognition of Gen AI’s transformative potential. This influx of capital signals confidence in its ability to revolutionize fashion design and product development, suggesting a future where AI both complements significantly enhances human creativity.


Practical Applications: Revolutionizing Shopping

Generative AI’s ability to scale across the entire fashion value chain is one of its best recognized practical application. From design conception to product development, Gen AI holds the key to transforming the creative process by reducing days of manual work to mere hours or even seconds.

Companies developing Gen AI software for fashion are making this a reality. Tools like AiDA (AI-based Interactive Design Assistant) generate a dozen fashion templates in 10 seconds. Cala, a fashion supply chain interface, empowers designers to produce over 100 sketches in a single day. These advancements free designers from mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on the creative aspects of their craft.

Imagine browsing an online store and having a natural language-powered shopping assistant at your disposal. Zalando, the online retail giant, introduced a beta ChatGPT-based shopping assistant in 2023, allowing visitors to ask questions, receive personalized product recommendations, and get answers in real-time.

Kering, Mercari, and Shopify have joined the fray with their AI chatbots, enhancing the consumer shopping experience in new ways.

Retailers like Snipes and Adore Me are using Gen AI to write compelling product descriptions, while Shopify offers a Gen AI writing assistant for its merchants. All of this has added up to  enhanced efficiency that mimics a personal touch.


A New Era in Fashion: Innovation Unleashed

Fashion brands are already harnessing Gen AI to create new designs and collections. Collina Strada, Heliot Emil, Revolve, and Desigual are among those experimenting with AI-driven creativity. As adoption expands, communication and understanding of its role in enhancing creativity will be crucial.


Embracing Human-Centered Innovation

As the number of adopters in fashion continues to grow, it’s essential to embrace the concept of human-centered innovation. Gen AI should empower creators to become true creative curators, focusing on what they do best. Innovation lies in the delicate balance between technology and creativity. When implemented effectively, Gen AI benefits the creative process, enhancing human capabilities while preserving the artistry and expertise of designers.



  1. Generative AI’s Breakthrough in Fashion: 2023 marked a significant year for generative AI in the creative industries, particularly in fashion, signaling a shift towards integrating technology with human creativity.
  2. Potential Value in Design and Product Development: Up to one-fourth of Gen AI’s potential value in fashion could come from its applications in design and product development.
  3. Priority for Fashion Executives: A significant 73% of fashion executives identified Gen AI as a priority for their businesses in 2024, indicating the technology’s growing importance in the industry.
  4. Current Usage in Creative Processes: Despite the interest, only 28% of fashion businesses have experimented with using Gen AI in their design and product development processes.
  5. Substantial Equity Funding: Investment in Gen AI-focused startups soared, with $14.1 billion in equity funding in the first half of 2023 alone, demonstrating strong financial backing and interest in this technology.
  6. Microsoft and Amazon’s Major Investments: Notable investments include Microsoft’s $10 billion deal with OpenAI and Amazon’s $4 billion investment in Anthropic, highlighting the significant corporate interest in Gen AI.
  7. Application in Online Shopping Assistance: Gen AI is being used in online retail, with companies like Zalando and Kering employing AI chatbots for enhanced customer interaction.
  8. Use in Marketing and Creative Projects: Brands are exploring Gen AI tools for creative and marketing purposes, such as Ganni’s use of the technology in runway shows and Casablanca’s AI-generated campaign imagery.
  9. Unlocking Creativity and Efficiency: Gen AI is seen as a tool to enhance and expedite the creative process, enabling fashion designers to generate more ideas and designs in less time.
  10. The Future of Gen AI in Fashion: While still in the early stages of adoption, Gen AI’s trajectory suggests it could become one of the most transformative technologies in fashion, with the potential to significantly impact design processes, creativity, and overall industry dynamics.

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