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the four faces of the luxury customer

The Four Faces of the Luxury Customer

Delve into the world of the luxury customer and understand the distinct personas from ‘Lilith’ to ‘Delia’. Learn how to tailor your luxury brand strategies to cater to diverse high-end customer preferences.

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the art of tango in luxury narrative marketing

Weaving Elegance with Words: The Art of Narrative Marketing in the Luxury Realm

Discover the secrets of narrative marketing in luxury storytelling and how it can elevate your brand’s success. Explore the power of storytelling, the seven-part formula, and immersive techniques to engage customers emotionally. Dive into the world of opulence and refinement with expert insights. Get ready to master the art of luxury narrative marketing.

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Build a brand

Build a Brand After the Applause

To build a brand after receiving a prestigious honor requires you to retrace your steps and reconnect with everyone that made the honor possible. The PR Advisor answers an emerging designers confrontation with imposter syndrome.

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