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Unlocking Customer Loyalty: How to Make Customers Choose You

I want to collectively address the responses I’ve gotten from people who have no clue where to start with the questions from my Monday Musings two weeks ago.  Since I crossed my heart and pinky swore, I will not be revealing who said what. However, you’re all perfectly welcomed to be vain and think this article is about you.

Let’s start with my first question: why should a customer purchase from you?

If you were sitting across from me and asked me this, I would begin with my process.  And that process begins with you as a company.

You see, before you graced me with your physical presence, I have already scoured the internet for your digital presence. I will arrive to our meeting knowing already why you wanted to meet with me. By the time our meeting concluded, you’d be convinced you need me by your side. Not because of my vast experience and success with other companies, but because you feel like I get you and understand your company.

You would buy from me because I make you feel special. I make you feel understood.  I make you feel heard.

How are you making your customers feel special, understood and heard?

Answering this question well is how you capture the hearts, minds and loyalty of luxury consumers. It’s what makes unlocking customer loyalty possible and encourages them to purchase from you. But this is a broader discussion for a future article.

In this article, know that I’m trying to trick you.

Yes, this is a trick question, because I know your mind is immediately going towards how you think your customers feel about your brand.

Let me make an utterly shocking revelation: it really isn’t about your customers. It comes back to you.

Your Influence In Unlocking Customer Loyalty

I personally enjoy helping people. I’ve always been like this. In college, when students were having problems with a particular department or teacher, they came to me. I relished in my Marlon Brando/Godfather moment as I told them exactly how to fix the problem, while imparting upon them that on a day that may never come, I may call upon them to do a service for me.  If I ever did call in that service, it was usually to help someone else.

I’ve always enjoyed helping. If I could pay my rent, my Amex card and my bi-annual international travels with gratitude, I would probably work for free. So when I meet with you, and make you feel special, understood and heard, it’s because nothing brings ME more joy than being able to help. It’s why I share so much through my writing.

Your customers are connecting with your brand not because you have the best customer service, or the highest quality product or blah, blah, blah snooze. No!

When you as, say, a jewelry designer sat down to create those drop-dead gorgeous drop earrings, your design inspiration came first and foremost from wanting to create something to make the person who wears them feel exceptional.

This desire, YOUR desire, is what makes a customer buy from you.

So go back to why you started your business. Don’t be lazy and tell me you wanted to help people.

Ahem. That’s my thing.

Actually, my thing is that I feel a deep sense of purpose when I help people, and more spectacularly, when I see the results of my work for them.

Something motivated you to start your company.  That motivation is what has kept you in business and it’s also what got you your first set of customers.

I find most clients have long buried this motivation under a pile of STUFF.  STUFF includes the challenges of building a business, the headaches, the long nights, the P&L statements and balance sheets, and employee manuals, and lions, and tigers and bears, oh my!

STUFF blinds us to our original reason, our original motivation and subsequently makes us forget we were really on to something when we started. If you hadn’t been, you wouldn’t now be here, reading this article.

So, I ask you again, why should someone buy from you?

Personal Questions In Unlocking Customer Loyalty

Let’s do a couple of fill in the blanks.

I decided to start this company because:


While there are already so many companies like mine in existence, I felt they were missing:


This missing piece is what I took into creating the company. I proved my concept and was able to grow my business to this point because my original vision yielded these specific results within the first year:


Since then, I’ve had to tweak my original vision in these ways to meet market demands:


When I look back at where I started, what I created, and how customers have responded to my vision, I realize people buy from me because:

Insert prayer emoji here.

As in, I’m praying for you to have screamed YAHTZEE after completing that last statement.

For the YAHTZEE screamers, we’ll pick back up with another confounding question in the next column.

If you don’t know what a YAHTZEE is and certainly didn’t just scream it because you’re still at a loss on how to answer the questions, simply email me. I offer a complimentary 30 minute call focused on answering one aspect of your business.


  1. Understanding Customer Purchase Motivations: Customers buy from you not just because of your products or services, but because you make them feel special, understood, and heard. This sits at the fundamental heart of unlocking customer loyalty. 
  2. Focus on Personal Connection: Building a personal connection with customers is essential for unlocking customer loyalty, which goes beyond traditional marketing strategies.
  3. The Power of Helping: Genuine desire to help others can be a driving force behind successful business interactions.
  4. Reconnecting with Motivation: Revisiting the original motivation behind starting your business can reignite passion and clarity in your brand’s purpose.
  5. Cut through the ‘Stuff’: The challenges and distractions of business can obscure the original vision, but reconnecting with it can provide clarity and direction.
  6. Self-Reflection and Adaptation: Reflect on how your business has evolved and how you’ve adapted to meet market demands while staying true to your vision.
  7. Identifying Unique Value Proposition: Clarify what sets your business apart from others and articulate how your original vision has yielded tangible results.
  8. Continual Improvement: Continuously reassessing and refining your approach based on customer feedback and market dynamics is key to sustained success and unlocking customer loyalty.

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