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Build a Brand After the Applause

To build a brand after receiving a prestigious honor requires you to retrace your steps and reconnect with everyone that made the honor possible. The PR Advisor answers an emerging designers confrontation with imposter syndrome.
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monday musings on marketing luxury
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The Psychology of Luxury: Navigating Emotions and Experiences in High-End Marketing

Explore the intricate relationship between psychology and marketing luxury in this insightful article. Uncover how emotional connections, experiences, and the art of storytelling shape consumer perceptions and drive desires for luxury brands. Discover the strategic nuances behind captivating high-end consumers and redefining luxury beyond mere price tags. A must-read for marketers and psychology enthusiasts alike.
the Hermès family
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The Hermès Family vs LVMH: Clash of The Luxury Titans

Dive into the epic showdown between luxury powerhouses the Hermès family and LVMH, where heritage meets ambition. Explore how Hermès, symbolized by the 'Cashmere Wolf,' Bernard Arnault, stood firm against LVMH's hostile takeover attempts, defending its legacy with strategic finesse. Uncover the battle of titans in the luxury arena, where the art of craftsmanship and the spirit of unity shaped Hermès' resilient stand.
The Hermes Birkin Bag
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The Hermès Birkin Bag: A Tale of Serendipity, Craftsmanship, and Rarity

Discover the enchanting story of the Hermès Birkin bag, from its serendipitous inception with Jane Birkin to becoming a symbol of unparalleled luxury and craftsmanship. Explore the meticulous artistry, rare materials, and the elusive journey to owning the iconic Birkin bag, a masterpiece that transcends fashion to become a coveted collector's item.
Espresso on the journey to customer loyalty
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3 Underrated Open Secrets to Gaining Customer Loyalty

Discover the art of building customer loyalty with our in-depth exploration of luxury marketing strategies. Learn how to captivate your audience with engaging newsletters, harness the power of warranty cards for valuable customer data, and ensure brand allegiance through superior products and services
Hermes innovation
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Hermès Innovation: Creative Luxury, Honoring Craftsmanship, and Curating Distribution

Explore Hermès's innovation and business model, focusing on its commitment to original creation, exceptional craftsmanship, and a selective distribution network. Discover how Hermès blends tradition with innovation to create timeless luxury products, fostering a legacy of quality and exclusivity. Learn about the brand's strategic approach to maintaining its prestigious market position while embracing sustainable and responsible practices.
Evolution in business
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Overcoming Adversity: Evolution in Business Through Personal and Professional Triumphs

Discover the power of resilience and evolution in business and professional growth as we explore a journey of overcoming adversity, health challenges, and loss, leading to transformative insights in PR and marketing.
Hermès International

The Art of Luxury: A Closer Look at Hermès International

Explore the timeless elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship of Hermès International. Discover why Hermès stands out in the world of luxury brands. Dive deep into its history, legacy, and unique approach to luxury in this comprehensive article.
Luxury items are bought because of emotions

The Misunderstood Nature of Luxury Items: It’s Not All About the Price

Uncover the secrets of marketing luxury items with our insightful analysis. Learn how selling luxury items transcends price and exclusivity, delving into emotional experiences and quality craftsmanship.