fashion influencers the pr advisor

Fashion Influencer 2.0: Creative Collaborations & Authenticity

Explore the changing landscape of influencer marketing in the fashion industry as The PR Advisor Lilian Raji continues her analysis of the McKinsey State of Fashion 2024 report. Dive into the rise of unconventional fashion influencers and learn how fashion brands are embracing this new era.
consumer confidenc and the pr advisor
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2024 Consumer Confidence and the Economic Landscape

Lilian Raji, The PR Advisor, continues her in-depth analysis of the Fashion Industry Economic Outlook 2024, this time, looking at how the report presents consumer confidence in the economic landscape. The analysis covers how global economic trends, regional variations, and consumer behaviors will shape the fashion sector.
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2024 Global Travel Trends: A New Era of Wanderlust

Lilian Raji, The PR Advisor continues her exploration of McKinsey’s 2024 State of Fashion report. Global travel is pushing travelers to reshape shopping trends as brands venture beyond traditional capitals. Dive into the world of pop-up experiences and the thriving resortwear fashion market. Uncover the key to connecting with travelers in this dynamic landscape.
climate crisis the pr advisor

Climate Crisis & The Fashion Industry: Urgent Action Required

The urgent need for action in the fashion industry regarding the climate crisis is Lilian Raji, The PR Advisor’s, next analysis of the McKinsey State of Fashion 2024 report. Learn about the industry's impact on greenhouse gas emissions, economic risks due to climate-related disasters, and strategies to ensure climate resilience.
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PE Firms in Fashion 2024 Exit Strategy Dilemmas

Explore our in-depth analysis of PE firms in fashion and 2024 industry expectations. Learn about the challenges, emerging trends, and strategic exit plans shaping the investment landscape in luxury and non-luxury fashion sectors.”
fashion industry survey for the pr advisor
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Fashion Industry Survey 2024: Navigating Through Uncertainty and Innovation

Explore our synthesis of the BoF-McKinsey State of Fashion 2024 Executive Fashion Industry Survey in our latest analysis. Discover the key trends, regional variations, and strategic priorities shaping executive decision making for the fashion industry in 2024. Dive into insights on sustainability, AI, and consumer preferences in our comprehensive overview
fashion forecast with the pr advisorLilian Raji LLC
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2024 Fashion Forecast: Insights and Strategies for the Luxury Industry

Dive into the Fashion Forecast Industry Insights 2024 with our in-depth analysis. Discover key trends, strategies, and predictions shaping the future of fashion. Stay ahead in the luxurious world of high fashion with our expert insights.
the art of tango in luxury narrative marketing
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Weaving Elegance with Words: The Art of Narrative Marketing in the Luxury Realm

Discover the secrets of narrative marketing in luxury storytelling and how it can elevate your brand's success. Explore the power of storytelling, the seven-part formula, and immersive techniques to engage customers emotionally. Dive into the world of opulence and refinement with expert insights. Get ready to master the art of luxury narrative marketing.
pantone color of the year peachfuzz
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Embracing Peach Fuzz: 5 Innovative Narrative Marketing Tactics for Pantone’s 2024 Color

Discover key marketing strategies to leverage Pantone's 2024 Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz 13-1023, in your brand narrative. Dive into our 90-day action plan for integrating this nurturing and community-centric hue into your brand identity and campaigns.
dolceyGabbana define what luxury means to the brand's future

Dolce&Gabbana: A Visionary Path to Define What Luxury Means Tomorrow

"Explore Dolce&Gabbana's innovative journey into the future of luxury fashion to define what luxury means. Discover how CEO Alfonso Dolce is blending tradition with modernity, sustainability, and cutting-edge strategies to redefine luxury, and how the brand is shaping new consumer experiences in the luxury market."