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Customer Journey Stages to Optimize Business Strategy – 10 FAQs

Explore the essential customer journey stages in our FAQ, from awareness to post-purchase. Learn how these stages impact business strategy and customer engagement.
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Personalizing Customer Journey in E-commerce: 10 Questions and Answers

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Understanding Customer Journey Touchpoints: 10 Q&As

Explore our FAQ on Customer Touchpoints and their role in the customer journey. Learn how they shape customer experience and loyalty, from first contact to post-purchase interactions.
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Effective Digital PR Strategies for Small Businesses: 7 Quick Tips from a PR Expert

Small businesses can thrive in the world of digital PR by implementing strategic and tailored approaches. Craft your brand story, engage with your local community, build relationships with niche media, create compelling content, harness customer testimonials, embrace social media, and measure your results.
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Mastering Customer Personas: A 5 Step Guide

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When the PR Advisor is asked why her efforts to attract retailers isn't quite working, the PR Advisor turns the tables to advise on focusing on customers instead. Impressing customers is much more important than the retailers.
If a customer is familiar with a brand because that brand has made itself and its stellar reputation consistently visible to the customer, that customer will happily drop $10,000 online because the brand has earned their trust.
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What is the Customer Journey?

How does a customer first learn about you? How does she feel upon this discovery? What entices her to want to learn more? Where does she go for this information? Your website? Your store? Social media? What does she do when she gets there? What do you want her to do when she gets there? These are some of the question that, answered correctly, help create trust between customers and your brand. Trust is the only thing required to get a customer to spend $40,000 online without thinking twice.
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Steps to Map the Customer Journey

The customer journey is simply all the steps it takes for someone to finally become your customer